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Melissa Yaden EAMP, LMP studied massage through Bellevue Massage School and has completed certifications in various healing modalities. Melissa offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Manual Ligament Therapy, Craniosacral and Sports Massage.

Swedish – a relaxing massage focusing on calming the sympathetic nervous system, so that we are no longer in fight or flight.

Deep Tissue/Treatment Work – provides relief for injuries and chronic pain and tightness. It is applied pressure and fluid strokes that can help the bodies alignment and joints maintain better range of motion, and lasting elief.

Manual Ligament Therapy – designed to release the muscle from the tendons and ligaments for a more sustaining relief and result of treatment work. A way that can be integrated with deep tissue. It is less pressure, more focus on the general ligament region that can therefore relax the muscles.

Sports – Specific treatment work designed for the athlete to help enhance performance, or to aid in the speedy recovery of common injuries. A valuable way to get back doing the sport you love.

Craniosacral – a powerful and subtle technique that allows the fascia to unwind and release stagnations of all kinds, mental physical, and emotional. In addition to small movements of the cranio bones.

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list of benefits-

  • Alleviate pain
  • Improve range of motion
  • Assist with shorter and easier labor for expectant mothers
  • Decrease pain medication use
  • Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow
  • activate and stretch weak, tight, atrophied muscles


Help athletes achieve performance goals and recovery goals, helps the skin, joint flexibility, lessens stress, depression, and anxiety , promotes tissue regeneration and reduces scar formation, increases oxygen into the tissues, reduces spasms and cramping, relaxes overused muscles, releases endorphins to work as the bodies natural pain killers, relieves some types of headaches, enhances sleep quality

The first time I saw Melissa for massage, I came in with a tension headache that had lasted for 2 days, and after the massage, I had no Headache. After working with massage therapy regularly I have decreased the frequency of the headaches substantially -S.B.

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Relax With Herbal Teas

Zen Mind and Tea Mind are one in the same, but you can't know one without first having known the other. -Tea Sage

Along with an extensive knowledge of East Asian herbs Melissa offers unique herbal tisane blends which correlate to the Chinese five elements and the Ayurvedic Doshas. Teas used daily can become a relaxation retreat time for rejuvenation, healing and peace in mind, body, Spirit.

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