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Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Human Beings are affected by vibrations day in and day out some audible most inaudible; everything from: music, voice, acoustic instruments, cell phones, cars, computers, airplanes and much more. Modern Science has proven and is proving much of what has been discoursed in numerous ancient healing texts and yogic philosophical volumes: Our three-dimensional world is a collection of vibrations. Everything we touch, see and feel and know has its own resonant frequency, including ourselves!

Sound Healing is a form of treatment that allows sound vibrations to be the medium to help the physical and energetic bodies to be ‘re-tuned’, bringing them back into a more natural balanced state. There are many different forms of Sound Healing; many people train their voices to be used in a healing manner for themselves and for others. For my practice I focus on what has been passed down to others and myself in the ways of Himalayan singing bowl therapy. These methods have their roots in ancient Tibetan/Himalayan traditions with the use of seven metal singing bowls and bells to positively change the vibrational state of one’s body/spirit/mind.

[A special note about the seven-metals that comprise these unique singing bowls. While singing bowls are made in many countries/regions their quality is variable. Superior bowls have 7+ metals in them often including: Silver, Gold, Copper, Mercury, Iron, Lean and Tin. The variety in metals and the natural space created between their molecules are what create the richness in tone, distinctive timbre and deeply meditative aspects to any particular bowl, play a 7-metal bowl next to a bowl with less metals and notice the experience of dull vs. full.]

Larger singing bowls emit deeper frequencies that resonate closely with the human body’s physical structure; cells, fluids, bones, etc; while smaller bowls emit higher frequencies that work on the aspects of the body’s subtle energetic layers which have direct correlations to our mental, emotional and etheric states of being.

A more modern application of sound healing has been introduced by tuning forks. Similar to the bowls, some have lower frequencies that affect tissue while others have higher frequencies that affect our brain-state. Using tuning forks on acupuncture points has proven to be very beneficial in expediting specific results and overall healing. Similar to Acupuncture, Sound Healing is currently being used in a variety of settings from: cognitive behavior, stress and relaxation treatment, cancer research, learning disabilities, hospice, chronic pain conditions and more.

Sound Healing is an exceptional example of preventative medicine. If we break down how the body maintains health, it always comes down to creating a proper nurturing environment so the body can take care of itself and get back to balance naturally. When the body is subjected to much disharmony it creates space for a myriad of problems to sprout and crop up. However, when harmony is consistently promoted it allows the body the chance to not only correct itself but to also build up a force field so that it is less affected by disharmony. So even when there is no symptom to report of, just by using vibration you can promote a harmonious balance for your body and mind to prevent the symptoms of disease.

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